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You know any of these issues? Yesterday's work was ok but it doesn't feel right doing the same thing tomorrow? You like to work but every application is ignored by companies? A reorganisation coming up and you worry about your job? Your spouse is working but what about you? I like to be an entrepeneur? I can't get hold on my business ambitions?

So many options
So many options

We help you how to find your way

Advice & Coaching for professionals and entrepeneurs

Dutch Coach Kollectiv can help you. We are very experienced in coaching and advise. We help executives professionals, entrepreneurs and startup business. We don't believe in fixed programs. We believe that is it about you!

Plan your intake, it is the first step towards your change. Choose to invest in your self.

Cost? We can explain it in person. Sometimes there are subsidies, tax solutions or you can get support from your employer, even a mix of things can be offered.

We spend 10-15% of our time as voluntary work (www.CarriereCoachCafe.nl) so we can help people in need and those who don't have any financial means.

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