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September 2022

Kick Start coaching NEW

Kick Start coaching NEW

We see an increasing demand for our kick start coaching.
Coaching that helps you reach your goals in max. 90 minutes. Fully focussed on your questions like:
• How to change?
• How to find a job?
• How to deal with issues at work?
• How to network?
• How to prepare for an interview?
• What to do in an interview?
• How can I become an entrepreneur, start my own business?
• How to deal with staffing issues?
• Leadership of management issues?
• ????

If you have one or more of these questions then book your KSC.
General information.
KSC is fixed price. 1 meeting, max 90 minutes.

Executive coaching

We see individual Executive Coaching as a 'safe space' for leaders to explore their leadership effectiveness and organizational impact in depth.
Leaders face increasing challenges.

Complexity in organizations is increasing, as is interdependence and pressure.

The 'sustainable balance' is therefore perhaps the most important adage for our leaders today.
Executive Coaching can play an excellent role in this.

Every day we work enthusiastically with directors and senior managers on issues such as:

  • Increasing in-depth strategic self-understanding and facilitating personal growth
  • Optimally adapting to the requirements of a (new) leadership position
  • Supporting strategic and tactical thinking and acting
  • Support in developing good relationships with key stakeholders
  • Support in building and maintaining effective teams
  • Guiding in the development and implementation of planning and change
  • Support in focusing on and achieving results (individual, team, organization)

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